Adroitly Askew:
Explorations of Being

Steve Danielson

The title of this solo show Adroitly Askew: Explorations of Being references how painter Steve Danielson exaggerates the features and forms of his figures to capture their inner emotional states.

In his newest series of red figures against a yellow background, he simplifies his palette and eliminates unnecessary detail to concentrate on the lines and shapes of the figures to amplify their body language and secret inner lives.

In a series from 2017, Danielson portrays paunchy, middle-aged cis white men in various poses of contemplation, rendered in oils using a traditional renaissance palette he grounds them in landscape of brightly colored pompoms creating a jarring juxtaposition that mirrors the collision of cultural norms that is challenging the old out-dated order of the world.

In a 2016 painting, 9 Faces, Danielson portrays a frieze of male and female portraits, using a technique where he actually wipes away and erases the paint using rags, q-tips and his fingers Danielson seeks to show these people’s resilience and determination by accentuating their jaws and cheekbones and hair.

Together all the paintings, drawn from the past 3 years and completed in various but related styles, seek to reflect the multi-faceted unfolding humanity all around us.

About Steve Danielson
Born in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Steve Danielson went to college in Chicago to study filmmaking, going on to earn an MFA in directing at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Danielson then spent more than ten years involved in the entertainment industry, doing set decorating for commercials and movies, directing documentaries and producing reality television, while also pursuing various street art projects. When he moved to New York City he continued his street art projects as well as starting a studio practice. At the Art Students Leaguek, Danielson studied painting, printmaking, and metal sculpture. In 2011, Danielson participated in the summer residency at the School of Visual Arts. He has shown his work at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, Spattered Columns, Central Gallery and the School of Visual Arts, all in New York.

For further information about Steve, visit him online at or follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

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