Where The Wild Things Grow
Bianca Romero

This show is a peek into the different stages of artist Bianca Romero’s creative process, exhibiting not only a collection of her most recent paintings but also displaying her work-in-progress pieces, along with drawings, studies and sketches. The show will be more of an installation experience, which explores Bianca’s creative process and the journey it sometimes takes to get to the finished point. It’s inspired by the many long walks taken throughout these New York City streets when creative blocks arise and somewhere along the way, around the corner, inspiration blooms.

“Many times my ideas come from taking walks through different neighborhoods in the city, zoning out and getting inspiration from the city’s energy. For this show I want to invite people along on my creative journey, so I designed the show so that people can join me on my walk around the block in search for inspiration”. Bianca’s mixed media art explores our complex identity and finding beauty in each of us. There’s uniqueness and layers to each of us, every person is an embodiment of their collective pieces and experiences they go through on their own journey, searching for the thing that makes each of us bloom.

About the Artist

Bianca Romero is a New York City-based contemporary mixed media artist, Muralist, Creative Director, and Producer. She’s known for her bold and colorful murals and paintings made of hand-cut collaged street posters layered with spray paint, and acrylic.

Bianca uses mixed media collage as a visual interpretation for exploring personal identity and the collective pieces that make us unique. She’s heavily influenced by New York City’s vibrant energy, diversity, urban textures & street art.  Romero’s unique collaged style is a direct reflection and embodiment of her being mixed race, South Korean and Spanish, and a 1st generation American growing up in New York City, and CT. Bianca has partnered with major brands including her recent city-wide collaboration with Maker’s Mark featuring 11 custom billboards all over NYC, as well as a mural collaboration with the city of NY Mayor’s Office, and more. With a background in brand marketing and event production, and experience working at Experiential Creative Agencies for major brands, Bianca strives to merge her agency experience with her artistic side. Bianca offers an eclectic range of skill-sets from fine art & murals to creative production, creative direction, brand marketing, event production, art direction, to art curation.

Press Features: CBS News, Artsy, ABC New York, TimeOutNY, MediumNBC News, Pix11News, Bronx Times, FOMOFeed, AM NY Metro, Street Art NYC, BK Reader, & more

For more information on Bianca visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Watch her In The Know Documentary here.

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