A Place For Space
Quinn Guarino

Quinn Guarino’s A Place For Space is a collection of paintings and drawings produced in the artist’s bedroom over the course of the past 5 months. The work tackles many of the same themes and subjects of the artist’s past work, with an emphasis on individual characters and experiences taking place in urban density. The artist draws from the people in his own life to create a world where no character, including himself, is free of judgment. Guarino expresses the ridiculous side of normal situations and interactions that occur on a daily basis.

The pieces share a commonality, having all been produced in the same 8ft x 8ft bedroom, a space mainly taken up by the artist’s bed. This common environment shows itself in the often packed compositions of these painted narratives. Guarino’s world is composed of fractured individual moments in storytelling that ultimately come together  to form a more cohesive context when the work is shown together. Guarino’s work ranges from expressive cartoon-like abstractions to detail-oriented draftsmanship, sometimes both taking place in the same piece. This back and forth between rendering styles reflects both the blur and the focus of daily life.

About the Artist
Brooklyn-based artist Quinn Guarino has shown at various galleries in New York, Albany, Hudson, and Boston after having recently graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University with a BFA. The colorful and often imperfect neighborhood of Pine Hills in Albany, NY where the artist grew up still serves as an important character in much of his current work.

For more about Quinn, visit him online at qguarinoart.com or follow him on Instagram.

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