A Celebration of Collaboration
Love Crushed Velvet and ArtCollab

From 2017-2019, musician and art collector Alex Skora, the singer and songwriter of the band Love Crushed Velvet, staged a series of collaborative art sessions at a loft in lower Manhattan. While Skora, who performs under the pyseudonym A.L.X., and other musicians performed live over the course of multiple hours, a diverse range of artists worked collaboratively on canvases that had been pre-hung in the space. The intent of the events was to create the visual arts equivalent of a ‘jam session’, providing artists who were generally accustomed to working alone to be able to co-create in an environment that lent itself to judgement-free open collaboration. During a half dozen sessions, illustrators, painters and street artists worked together to assemble a collection of work reflective of the spontaneous and free-flowing exchange of ideas and inspiration that ensued.

From October 12-17, the works created during these sessions will be on display and sold via silent bidding, with the proceeds going to charities that are involved in arts education. To recreate the ambiance of the setting in which the work was created, a series of improvisational music performances will be staged while artists paint or draw pieces with the music playing in the background. Each session will be documented.

The events will culminate in a closing reception on October 17, where final bidding on the pieces will take place.

Participating Artists:

James Quinn

Eddie Bogaert

Catalina Toro

Mr. Mustart

Various street artists

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