Meditative Paintings
Carin Kulb Dangot

Meditative Paintings is a solo exhibition of seven large non-objective works by Carin Kulb Dangot inspired by a mediation breakthrough experienced after ‘seeing’ a fissure of light particles. Like the process of ascending during meditation whilst in flow, she composes her paintings to have distinct layers relating to significant brain states during mediation: beta, alpha, delta, and theta. Dangot starts with a color background without forethought of what the painting will inevitably look like. Hours later into painting, surroundings dissipate, the background begins to melt, and dilute under the new layers. Dangot feels through the painting. White amorphous cells, refined energy centers are added. These cells self-compose and find natural order. When the background integrates with the foreground, the painting becomes more expansive, a point of departure as if to suggest there is more beyond the perimeters of the canvas.

About the Artist 

Carin Kulb Dangot (b. 1971) is a São Paulo, Brazil-born abstract painter, and sculptor. She began her career as a food engineer and then a sought-after food designer for film and television before bringing her love of mixing, melding, and inventing new forms to the world of paint, color, volume, and mass. Dangot’s artwork emphasizes the physical properties of materials via experimentation and other intuitive processes. She is interested in paint materiality and plasticity on various surfaces–such as canvas, aluminum, and mylar- 2D and 3D. Dangot’s work has been exhibited in NYC fine arts venues NY Live Arts, Christie’s, The Cluster Gallery, Deanna Evans Project, Governors Island (GIAF), Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, Soho20, and in Amherst, MA at Augusta Savage Gallery. She has also exhibited in her home country at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Casa Galeria in São Paulo. She is the 2012 recipient of the Leonard Rosenfeld Merit Scholarship and Lloyd Sherwood Grant for “outstanding work in non-objective art” from the Art Students League. Dangot was recently accepted into the competitive New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program in 2020. Dangot has lived and worked out of New York City since 2010.

For more information on Carin Kulb Dangot, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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