Get Jazzed
Diana Hobson

Get Jazzed is a series of oil paintings by Diana Hobson that explore the nuance and rhythm of the narrative form. Hobson begins each of her paintings with a title that captures the essence of a moment or place in time that she has experienced. Line and form are arranged to communicate the choreography of each story’s personae and their passages. Her color choices are heavily influenced by Faber Birren, the 20th century color theorist, and they set both the scene and tone for her characters. Hobson believes that abstract art is like music with melodies, keys and its ability to express emotions.

About the Artist

Diana Hobson was born in New York City and studied at Connecticut College for Women and Trinity University. She has shown her work extensively throughout both New York City and Los Angeles. She has also exhibited in Japan representing the city of LA.

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Open hours
By appointment only
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Opening Reception
May 30, 2019 6:00pm-8:00pm
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