by Emo Project

March 2 - 3, 2007

chashama 217
217 East 42nd Street
New York, NY

Dance performance:
Mayuna Shimizu
Ranardo-Domeico Grays
Live music:
Joyful sonic wash:
Junichi Matsuzaki
Don Amit Ram
Megumi Matsuzaki
Video performance:
Hyunsuk Kim
Sound Design:
Soichiro Migita
"Tremotion". It's tremolo+motion/emotion. Tremolo means vibration, resonance...like sound...Motion is from Visual....like dance and video performance. Emotion is emotion. It's everything in our daily lives.
This project was formed to further the creative goals, and seeks to nurture collaborative relationships between Musician, dancers/choreographers, visual artists, Sound Designer and other artists by maximizing the opportunities to create and perform, experiment and grow together without restrictive boundaries between styles, genres or presentational format, share artistic responsibility for the group, they split the executive roles as well, each overseeing their respective area of expertise without the confinement of a single artistic vision. 
Featuring premieres by:
Soichiro Migita/sound designer, mixing/recording engineer, composer and music supervisor for Film
Hyunsuk Kim/animator, filmmaker, performer, and writer
Joyful Sonic Wash:
Jun Matsuzaki/Cyber guitar2 (original handmade prepared guitar), sax, voice, electrics
Megumi Matsuzaki/sitar with effects
Don Amit Ram/tabla
Mayuna Shimizu/dancer & choreographer of Blue Muse Dance

...Experimental, Experience, Emotion...
with support by "Ippie Design"

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