by Elsa Keefe and kahiliksihr roninkode

October 13-15, 2015

4-7pm each evening

Anita's Way
137 West 42nd Street
(The through block connecting W 42nd and W 43rd St. btwn 6th Ave and Broadway)
New York, NY

kahiliksihr roninkode - flute
Carolyn Koleszar - dance
Elsa Keefe - meditation

While the performers dance, play the flute, and go into silent meditation, they are  surrounded by visual art: video projection, sound design, and 2D visuals. All these art forms serve a universal truth: all forces are inherently interconnected and must nurture those connections to insure the viability of a collective consciousness.

The elements fire, earth, air, and water are essential to our very existence. They exist beyond creation and destruction. More importantly, they converse and rely on one another to weave life throughout our world for better, and at times, for worse. But there is always conversation, movement, and dependence between them. Drawing inspiration from these essential constants, the performers communicate beyond the conventional and the obvious, allowing parallels to be forged with the intangible exchange of the elements. From the still to the physical blur, a giving of information/energy is offered to and from each performer, thus allowing simultaneous conversations to thrive.

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