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as a part of the 2014 Summer Performance Series 
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June 27 - 29, 2014

Workshop Rehearsals: 3 - 7 pm each day (open to the public)

Performances: 9 pm each day
Late night show on June 28 at 10 pm

chashama 1351 Window Space
1351 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

The performances will be freshly devised short performance pieces that allow audiences to have a window into The Clearing's creative process and a first look at new, never-before-seen scenes. After each performance, audience will have the opportunity to give feedback on the work, and help determine what goes into the final piece. 

The Clearing's hOMAge explores a woman's break from the inherited trauma of the past for the sake of fearless, self-affirming creation.

hOMAge, an original, devised ensemble piece, finds its inspiration in the letters and poetry of Hella Kurth (Oma), a WWII and cancer survivor, who was never at a loss for words when it came to describing the beautiful struggle inherent in a meaningful life. A yoga practitioner for over 50 years, Oma reminds us to look to nature and to the past for the inspiration to be your most expressive and generous self.

The story begins in post-WWI Germany with Erna, a promising singer, whose mother discourages her from seeking a career with the opera in Berlin. Instead, Erna turns to drinking and men and becomes pregnant by a near stranger, Martin. Erna, resents both her first child, a daughter, Hella, and Martin, for taking away the possibility of her dreams. Over the years, Hella gives birth to and raises 3 daughters, while her husband is away, fighting in WWII and having extramarital affairs. Hella’s first daughter, Reinhild, has a daughter who is an aspiring performer and wants to live in New York City. Reinhild fears that her daughter’s life will go down the drain in a city like New York.

With an ensemble of female choreographers, musicians and actors, hOMAge incorporates dance, song, paper and projections to share Oma's poetry and her lessons on survival, womanhood and artistic integrity as a meditation on the evolution of the female artist.

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