curated by Emilie Nilsson

chashama 461 Gallery
461 West 126th Street
(between Amsterdam and Morningside) 
New York, NY 

November 28 - December 2, 2012

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, November 28, 6 - 9 pm 

Gallery Hours: 
Tuesday - Sunday, 2 - 7 pm 


Alan Grillo 
Alicia Shahaf 
Andres Montes
Arjuna Neuman 
Carole Cohen 
Cynthia Hawk 
Damaso Reyes 
Ezra Wube 
Fryd Frydendahl & Mia Birkelund
Marianne Wasowska-Fauchon 
Nina Bumbalkova 
Nina Mouritzen 
Seth Orion Schwaiger 
Shreepad Joglekar 
Simon Buckley
Varvara Mikushkina
Yangbin Park 

Ethnoscapes is an international photo exhibition investigating issues of (social) deterritorialization, migration, and hybrid identities. With the rapidly expanding forces of globalization, borders appear to be collapsing in a whirlwind of new technologies and communication possibilities. In some ways, we are experiencing possibilities of mobility never seen before, though, simultaneously, national borders are increasingly constricted, surveillance intensified, and immigrant rights deflated. Through the diverse lens of 18 international artists, this exhibition examines the ambiguity of living in constant cross - cultural transit, as well as explores the contradictory regimes of (im)mobility and trans-nationality in today's globalized world. 

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(Image: Shreepad Joglekar, Designated Recreation Area, Texas (2012))

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