Kristen Erickson

Kristen Erickson’s passion is the study of nature and horticulture. Her paintings are visions of natural places she has been, and places she would like to visit. She feels euphoria in these places, and admires the dynamics of their space. She renders the harmony of the spaces with continuous lines that depict selective connections between elements. Erickson uses additive and subtractive processes to manipulate the physicality of the surface of her pieces. She uses iridescent paint to create a multidimensional experience that mimics the atmosphere of the natural spaces she is drawn to. She paints on rigid wooden panels, allowing her to sand and Dremel details that further emulate the dynamics of the space.

About the Artist
Kristen Erickson received her BFA from Temple University Tyler School of Art. In Philadelphia, she co-curated the Laurel Arts Collective, a pop-up art gallery, and was included in two exhibitions, Metamorphosis and Process Through Failure. While in Rome, Erickson’s work was featured in exhibitions including Tiny Biennale and Circolo Delgi Artisti.

For more information or to schedule a visit to see the show outside of the posted hours, please contact Kristen at kristenleigherickson@gmail.com. She can also be followed on Instagram.

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