Augur a collaborative, site-situated traveling performance experiment in consciousness mapping, migration, and meaning. 
as a part of the Summer Performance Series

Co- conceived, directed and performed by dance artists Maré Hieronimus and Nicole Nigro, and sound artist Cory Neale with additional collaborating Performers to be announced!

August 27, 7:30 (open dress rehearsal)
August 28 & 29, 7:30pm

Starting Site
Anita's Way
133 West 42nd Street
(the through block connecting 42nd and 43rd streets, between 6th Ave. and Broadway)
New York, NY

Ending Site
The Urban Garden Room at One Bryant Park
on the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue, NYC

Augur is a multi-media, collaborative, migrating performance work investigating the essential search for meaning through the framework of contemporary oracle, concepts of divination, altered states of consciousness, and ritual performance. Defined as the official in the classical world who was responsible for portending events through reading the flight patterns of birds, Augur combines dance installation, sound, projected image, imbued object, and migration pathways to shift and transform the experience of the mundane in the bustling 42nd street district of NYC.

Through the interruption of the ordinary in the corridor of Anita’s Way to the Urban Garden Room at One Bryant Park, we propose to collide ideas concerning our individual paths towards perception and meaning with each other, and with those who witness. Augur will encourage subtle interaction, and intimate exchange between the performer and witness, creating space for connection, mystery and curiosity. Through the lens of each participating artist and witness, and their relationships to the eternal search for meaning, truth, and vision, Augur explores what is essential in life for a sense of meaning and fulfillment to occur. What is the fundamental nature of meaning? What is the function of the artist and ritual? And, how is the experience of meaning transmitted?

About the Artists:

Maré Hieronimus is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary dance artist and performer whose work weaves together her interests in movement, light, sound, the visual language, and perceptual awareness. Drawing from her interests in memory, sensory perception, embodiment, and the interface between body and landscape, she creates abstract and minimalistic dance art environments using the shifting field of the body as the point of origin.

Cory Neale is a double bassist, composer, and sound designer from Philadelphia, PA who focuses on narrative and allegorical works, forming expressions of these elements through transmedia applications. Using both acoustic and electronic means, his work focuses on creating unique experiences of sonorous time and space to mark cadence, shape moments, and propel the experience of both participant and performer.

Nicole Nigro is an independent dance artist based in Toronto, Canada. She is a performer, choreographer, educator, and workshop facilitator. Nigro’s work stems from her curiosity for human nature and her desire to connect. Nigro examines emotion, intent, and motivation with the purpose of celebrating diversity and fostering empathy. She believes in movement’s potential to challenge our perceptions and provide us with the aptitude to experience life more fully. 

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