Chashama 25th Gala


Michael Dorf, City Vineyard

Martin Dunn, Dunn Development Corp

Suzy Kellems-Dominik, Artist

Keith Douglas, One World Observatory, Legends


Darcy Stacom, CBRE

Thursday, June 11th ● 6 PM – Midnight

We invite you to unleash your inner artist with 300 performers, and celebrate the artistic communities that make NYC magical!

Gala proceeds will support:

  • 212 free classes in under-resourced communities
  • 198 subsidized studio spaces throughout NYC
  • 170 public art presentations & exhibits


Deadline: 04/07/2020


Interactive or Ambient Performances and Immersive Installations Apply Here!

*Performance Artists- wandering or stationary
*Installations- with a performative aspect
*Cannot have a lot of sound as there will be simultaneous performances

*This year’s gala will take place over two days; our regular Thursday night extravaganza and a Saturday public event
*It will be a party-with-walls. Each participant will have their own room or walkabout route. For proposal purposes, please envision it as more of a “bazaar” and a “labryrinth”
*Installation artists will have one month to load-in and set up, beginning on Thursday, May 7th
*Installations must be immersive, transformative, extravagant, performative

*Artists will be compensated.

For more information please contact:

Individual Giving | | 212.391.8151 x 43.

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