Seeking Awe-Inspiring Creative Visionaries
Thursday, June 13th, 2019 ●  6 PM – Midnight
Ambient or Interactive Performances
Deadline for Submission: Monday, March 18th

Artists will be compensated.

Chashama is seeking artists – individuals, organizations and/or groups – for our annual Gala.


  • Installation load-in might be a month, might be a week, might be a day – we’ll know soon and will let you know ASAP. Flexibility is key!
  • Your installation should follow our rule of 3 for this year: no mess, easy install, easy clean-up.
  • Unlike previous years, this year’s Gala will likely be a party-without-walls. For proposal purposes, please envision it as more of a “bazaar” than a “labyrinth”.


  • Performance Artists – wandering/prowling or stationary
  • Installation Pieces – overflowing with your subconscious

Important Note: The less sound involved with your performance submissions, the better.

Want to paint a canvas and your body while pole dancing? Put on a meandering performance of Othello? Hold court at a miniature table with a full tea-time spread? We invite you to engage with an audience of 800+ guests as only you know how.

To Apply: Fill out this Google Form by Monday, March 18th at 12 AM.

*****REQUIRED: ALL Artists are required to be present from 4 PM – Midnight on June 13th, 2019 AND attend an orientation on Monday, June 3rd.*****


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