Diamond District Windows
Alícia Degener, Ann Tarantino, Jisook Kim, and the Lower Eastside Girls Club

Alícia Degener, Ann Tarantino, Jisook Kim, and the Lower Eastside Girls Club have been commissioned to place site-specific installations of their artwork in the windows of a vacant Diamond District Jewelry Center building spanning multiple addresses.

The work is on view beginning the evening of December 21st, and will remain installed until mid-June 2019.

Bridges, Brownstones & Coney Island by Alícia Degener
Bridges, Brownstones and Coney Island is an installation by Alícia Degener that focuses upon the artist’s fascination with NYC’s thoroughfares and distinctive neighborhoods. Degener mixes the grandeur of the bridges connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan with the carnival atmosphere of Coney Island and a solid dose of the architectural details of the city’s brownstones in her urban landscapes. She draws upon the details of pattern, color, and a wonky sense of perspective to engage viewers in her world. The installation involves multiple curtains created by toggling together 100 translucent plexi squares, each with a thumbnail of her paintings of brownstones, bridges and Coney Island. Ultimately, the curtains weave together snapshots of Degener’s extensive exploration of the streets of NYC that inspire her.      

About Alícia Degener
Alícia Degener is a Brooklyn landscape painter originally hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Degener majored in Fine Art at Parsons School of Design NY, University Of Michigan School of Art & Design and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her subject matter includes all elements of iconic Brooklyn. Coney Island, NYC bridges and most recently a fascination with brownstones and all their amazing, sometimes whimsical, architectural details are featured in Alícia’s paintings. “I combine literal representation with abstract elements to focus on what I want people to see I find interesting about a place,” says Degener regarding her inspiration. Text and imagery found on street signs give an ironic often humorous underlying narrative to her work. Working from large murals to small works in a variety of mediums including pastel, oil, acrylic and watercolor, Alícia brings a fresh outlook, drawing the viewer into her paintings with a wonky sense of perspective that creates visual movement Vibrant unusual color combinations with an eye for fine detail and pattern are signature elements of Degener’s urban landscapes.

Web: http://aliciadegener.com/
Email: adegener@me.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adegener/

Jump Cuts by Ann Tarantino
Jump Cuts is an installation of opaque and translucent vinyl applied directly to the Diamond District windows. The work takes inspiration from striations seen in cross-sections of the landscape, rendered here in vibrant color. Strips of vinyl are cut and applied to each window, in alternating colors and variations of transparency and opacity. As each strip overlaps the next, it creates a new color and a sense of increasing depth. The project is equally a vibrant, colorful abstraction and a riff on how landscapes are visualized and understood. Jump Cuts promises passers-by a beacon of light and color to brighten even the gloomiest day.

About Ann Tarantino
Ann Tarantino’s work explores the experiences of inhabiting spaces and landscapes, whether the built environment or the natural world. She takes inspiration from source material ranging from maps of the cosmos, aerial photographs, memories of places she has lived, landscape plans, light filtering through windows, interestingly-shaped shadows, unusual architectural fragments, and views of the earth through the window of an airplane as it inches toward the ground. Tarantino travels across media and through scales, ranging from intimate to immersive, often working at multiple scales within a single piece. Everything—from a small drawing to a large-scale installation—is in dialogue with the place in which it is installed. Often, Tarantino addresses the hidden stories of these places through medium, subject matter, or both. These memories and influences are melded together as if in a kaleidoscope and re-emerge as drawings, paintings, and large-scale installations. Tarantino maintains an active exhibition record in traditional settings such as galleries and museums, as well as less-traditional ones such as botanical gardens and zoos. Tarantino has lived and worked around the country and internationally, and finds that each place leaves an indelible imprint on her work.

Web: http://anntarantino.com/
Email: atarantino@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anntarantino/

Being of Accumulated by Jisook Kim
Jisook Kim’s installation is a selection of her three-dimensional abstract form works, primarily hung from the ceiling of the space.  The pieces are marbled paper over an organic armature; some of the piece glow from within. Kim’s sculptures were most recently displayed as part of 4heads’s Governors Island Art Fair.

About Jisook Kim
Jisook Kim’s work largely talks about life and nature energy. Various lines created by the marbling technique mean experience, memory and accumulated time of human life. Each of the lines and distance represent the stream of time and space, and the combination of the diverse lines define the artist’s time elapses throughout life. The interval between the lines signifies natural energy that transcends between life events. Those fluctuating  lines also express natural energy in artist life Each human life is determined by the elements of the cosmos and this creates harmony between human life and the universe. Therefore, through her work, Kim wants to show that her own experiences and memories are influenced by the energy of nature and that the two coexist with each other. She is expressing all the energies that have shaped her life and all the spaces where she has lived, and express the harmony of natural energy  in two- and three-dimensional works.

Web: http://artistjisookkim.com/.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jisook.kim/

Being the Change We Want to Sea (Zero Waste, Shark Fondness, Plastic Aversion) by the Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC)
The Lower Eastside Girls Club installation focuses on environmental awareness. The centerpiece of the installation is LESGC Board Member/mentor/artist Kevin McHugh’s Disco Shark sculpture; McHugh regularly donates portions from the proceeds of sales of his work to marine research and conservation organizations. The rest of the installation has been designed and fabricated by the girls of the LESGC, using recycled and repurposed materials.

About The Lower Eastside Girls Club
The Lower Eastside Girls Club operates a state-of-the-art community center that offers a safe haven with programs in the arts, sciences, leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness for girls in middle and high school. Their facilities include a Maker Shop for engineering and coding; Biology lab for STEM programming and research; Alphabet City Art School for visual arts and crafts; Center for Media and Social Justice for digital media and photography; Sound Studio for music production and our radio station/podcast, WGRL (Where Girl Radio Lives); Design Shop for fashion design; a rooftop farm; full culinary kitchen and cafe; and 64-seat state-of the art, 30-foot dome planetarium.

Web: https://girlsclub.org/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girlsclubny


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