Blue Mire's Mirror, or the History of the Amorous Jilt
Ella Goodine-Richardson

Blue Mire’s Mirror, or the History of the Amorous Jilt is Ella Goodine-Richardson’s fall collection fashion show, featuring 18 subaquatic silk pieces. Devoted to the emergent tides and slow moving waters of wetlands, the artist has recollected elements of soft-stem plants as part of her garments. Her fall collection is informed by the complexity of the coastal marshes in the northeastern United States. The mire is a symbol of a purifying, reflective and unforgetting ecosystem – a witness – which inspires each silk piece. Join us for music, performance, light fare and drinks, as well as exclusive access to the collection and the story behind the making of each piece.

About the artist:

Ella Goodine-Richardson likes to play around and experiment with things and techniques. Every incident endows a structural intimacy that acts like a story or picture. She is devoted to the care and wonder that comes from these very real and relevant parts of our lives. The mark of léonide (art by Parker Luse) is a scene from Aesop’s Fable: The Lion and the Rat that quotes: “no act of service is too small.” All the ritual and ceremony of garment making throughout history has been in some sense an act of service. There is inarguably an ethic of care in craft that is as necessary as the needle and thread. Making lingerie retrieves and ransoms this historical tradition. The thongs and camisoles Ella makes become refracted emanations; they appear as if engraved in a watery mirror – a place where someone can experience their own sensuality and excitement.

For more information about Ella, visit her website and follow her on Instagram. 

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